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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sadvipra was a cool man. He was thinking how to have a peace of mind? And He just did namaskar and peace of mind came to him. He said to himself I want a way out of confusion and the pure language of God came to him and he is not confuse anymore. Sadvipra is a truthful person and he is tactful, and careful of what he is thinking and saying. He thought that tips on making money on line on his site is cool. It says make a blog , so he made his third blog, a blog that no one dares to put his/her comment. Its Okay he wants it secret anyway. He is straight kind of man and that makes him think that male curiosity arises if the right color and shape is there. What if texting in the Philippines is free? His family business will not earn money and eventually will shift to another small business. What country is giving free texting to their people anyway? Sadvipra can just make search on Google for that. There's no such thing as free text ideas, only in the Philippines. If HSBC have a branch on His town it would be possible for Sadvipra to sign up to adwords. But HSBC was in Asia mall 9 hours away from him. But lets picture Sadvipra as a capable man, not inferior mediocre neither superior man, but an ideal son of God. Yeah son of God capable of anything. Namaskar means , salutation to the Supreme consciousness within you with all the divine charms of mind and cordiality of heart. Done by putting your palms together and touching your ajina cakra and anahata cakra . Sadvipra can recite mantras, just like Siddartha and other people that knows what is mantra , its in wikipdedia. Even Sadvipra is in wikipedia at Ananda Sutram. In the future maybe this blog can be found in wikipedia , but Sadvipra can just dream of that and work hard if inspiration comes from positive microvita, like Siddhas. Sadvipra lives in a town called Daet, a real town with real physical , psychic and spiritual world. Daet is a land where Indians do their business,walk peacefully in the morning, Sikh drive their car, whiteman watch basketball tournament and do their strolling. Daet is the home of Pinyasan, Bantayog festival. Mystics call it the Promise land and New Jerusalem. Is it for real? Lets find out , maybe later on this edition Sadvipra can reveal to you his secrets!He is a mystic and believes in monism.To be continued.

Hudhud at Alim

Hudhud at Alim Hud hud at Alim - or Hudhud at Alim - That's it its complete just follow the links (2012 Link), I just want to make that as a title of my blog. What is a Sadvipra? Sadvipra means Intellectual who is always there. It's a Sanskrit word or a noun. What are Sanskrit names? Here are the examples:
Abhay fearless
Abhijit one who is victorious (Abhijeet)
Abhishek shower of milk/water over an idol
Achyuta indestructible
Aditya sun
Ajatashatru without enemies
Ajay unconquerable, invincible
Ajit unconquerable (Ajeet)
Ajitabh one who has conquered the sky
Akash sky
Akshat Un-injurable
Alok cry of victory
Amal bright, clean, pure
Amar forever, immortal
Ambar sky
Ameya boundless, magnanimous
Amish honest
Amit endless, boundless
Amitabh / Amitava one with boundless splendour
Amitesh infinite god
Amogh unerring
Amol priceless, valuable
Amrit nectar
Amulya priceless
Anand bliss
Anant infinite
Anantram eternal god
Anil god of wind
Anish supreme
Ankur sprout
Anoop incomparable, the best
Anupam incomparable
Anurag attachment, devotion, love
Anshul radiant
Anshuman Sun
Apoorva quite new
Arjun peacock
Arnav ocean, sea
Arun sun
Arvind lotus
Ashok one without sorrow
Ashvini one of the constellations
Aseem boundless, limitless
Ashvin The Vedic God of Agriculture
Atmajyoti light of soul
Atul matchless
Avinash indestructible
Avanindra king of the earth
Avanisha god of the earth

Babila Swift
Badal Cloud
Badrinath Lord of Mt.Badri
Badriprasad gift of Badri
Balram Krishna's brother
Baldev godlike in power
Balaaditya young sun
Balachandra young moon
Balakrishna young krishna
Balamani young jewel
Balamohan one who is attractive
Balaji a name of Vishnu
Bansi or Bansuri flute
Bhagirath one who brought Ganga on earth
Bhanu sun
Bhanuprasad gift of sun
Bharat India, universal monarch
Bharadwaj a lucky bird
Bhadrak handsome
Bhadraksh one with beautiful eyes
Bhavesh lord of the world
Bhim tremendous, powerful
Bhupen king
Bhupendra king of kings
Bhudev lord of the earth
Bhushan ornament
Bhuvan palace, one of the three worlds
Bhuvanesh lord of the worlds
Bindusar an excellent pearl
Bipin / Vipin forest, nature
Brijmohan Krishna
Brijesh god of the land of Brij
Buddhadev wise person
Chaitanya life, knowledge
Chaman garden
Chandra moon
Chandrahas bow of Shiva
Chandrak peacock feather
Chandrashekhar one who holds the moon in his hair knot (Shiva)
Chandresh lord of the moon
Chandan sandalwood
Charan feet
Charanjit one who has won over the lord (Charanjeet)
Charudutta born of beauty
Chetan life
Chidambar one whose heart is as big as the sky
Chinmay full of knowledge
Chintamani philosopher's stone
Chiragh lamp
Chiranjeev longlived
Chitraksh beautiful eyed
Chittaranjan one who pleases the mind
Chittaswarup the embodiment of consciousness
Chittaprasad the gift of consciousness
Daha blazing, very bright
Dakshesh Shiva
Darpak god of love
Dattatreya a son of Atri, a famous Puranic hermit, another name for the three headed divinity of Visnu, Shiva and Brahma
Dayanand one who likes being merciful
Deepak lamp, kindle
Deepankar one who lights lamps
Deependra lord of light
Devarsi sage of the Devas
Devdas servant of god
Devadutt gift of god
Devanand joy of god
Devraj king of gods
Debashish pleased by gods
Devesh god of gods
Devang part of god
Devendra king of gods
Devilal son of goddess
Deviprasad gift of goddess
Dhananjay one who wins wealth
Dhanesh lord of wealth
Dharma law (religious)
Dharmadev lord of law
Dharmesh master of religion
Dharmendra king of religion
Dhiren one who is strong
Dhirendra lord of the brave
Dhruv Firm, fixed, constant, the polar star
Dhaval fair complexioned
Digamber sky clad , another name for Shiva
Dilip a king, ancestor of Rama
Dinesh The sun, day lord
Dinakar The sun
Divakar sun
Divyendu moonlight
Duranjaya a heroic son
Durjaya difficult to conquer
Eka matchless
Ekanga Rare, unique
Ekansa whole
Ekayana Worldly wisdom
Ekendra The sole lord
Ekisa One god
Esana Desire, aim
Ettan Breath
Gagan sky, heaven
Gaganvihari one who stays in heaven
Gajanan one with elephant face
Gajendra elephant king
Ganaraj lord of the clan
Gangadhar Shiva
Gangadutt gift of Ganga
Gaurang fair complexioned
Gaurav honour, pride, respect
Geet song
Girish god of mountain
Giriraj lord of mountain
Girilal son of mountain
Giridhar one who holds the mountain, another name for Krishna
Govind cowherd, another name for Krishna
Gopal Krishna, cowherd
Guru teacher, master
Gurbachan promise of the guru
Gurdeep lamp of the guru
Gurdayal Compassion of the guru
Gurcharan feet of the guru
Gurmeet friend of the guru
Gurnam name of the guru
Gursharan In the Guru’s protection
Gurudas servant of the guru
Gurudutt gift of the guru
Haresh Shiva
Harish Vishnu
Hari sun, Vishnu
Harilal son of Hari
Harihar Vishu and Shiva together
Harsha joy, delight
Harshad delighted
Harshul deer
Harshal lover
Harshvardhan one who increases joy
Hemang one with shining body
Hemadri mountain of gold
Hemant one of the six seasons
Hemachandra golden moon
Hemendra lord of gold
Hemaraj king of gold
Heramba boastful, name of Ganapati
Hiren Lord of gems
Hridyanath Lord of the heart
Hridayesh king of heart
Hrishikesh one who controls senses
Hiresh king of gems
Ilesh lord of the earth
Indivar blue lotus
Indradutt gift of Indra
Indrajit conquerer of Indra
Indraneel emerald
Inesh king of kings
Ishaan sun
Ishwar powerful, the supreme god
Jagadeep light of the world
Jagajeet conqueror of the world
Jagajeevan life of the world
Jagannath lord of the world
Jagmohan one who attracts the world
Jayadeep light of victory
Jaidev god of victory
Janak father of Sita, creator
Janardan one who helps people
Jasraj king of fame
Jasveer hero of fame
Jaswant victorious (Yashwant)
Jawahar jewel
Jayaditya victorious sun
Jayant victorious
Jaysukh pleasure of victory
Jayashekhar crest of victory
Jeevan life
Jitendra lord of conquerors
Jinendra lord of life
Jishnu triumphant
Jnyandeep light of knowledge
Jnyaneshwar god of wisdom
Kanha Krishna
Kailash name of a Himalayan peak, abode of Shiva
Kalidas the poet, dramatist; slave of goddess Kali
Kamadev god of love
Kamal lotus flower
Kamika Desired, wished for
Kanak gold
Kanan forest, the mouth of Brahma
Kartikeya Son of Shiva
Kavi a wise man, poet
Kaushal clever, skilled
Kaushik sentiment of love
Kila flame
Krishna God
Kunda musk
Kundan Pure, sparkling, fine, gold
Lakshman prosperous, brother of Rama
Lakshmidev Lord of Lakshmi
Lakshmikanth Beloved of Lakshmi
Lalit beautiful
Lalitchandra beautiful moon
Lalitaditya beautiful sun
Lalitmohan beautiful and attractive
Laya deep concentration
Lokesh king of world
Loknath lord of all worlds
Lokpradip Light of the world, a buddha
Lokprakash light of the world
Madan Cupid, god of love
Madhav sweet like honey
Madhu honey, nectar
Madhukar honey maker
Madhusudhana Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu
Mahabala Extremely strong
Mahadev most powerful god
Mahavir most courageous among men
Mahesh Shiva
Mahendra Indra
Mahipati Lord of the earth
Maitreya friend
Mandhatr Thoughtful, pious
Manendra king of the mind
Mani Gem, jewel
Manishankar The jeweled Shiva
Manish Lord of the mind
Manindra diamond
Mansukh Peace of the heart
Manohar That which steals the heart
Manoj born of the mind
Markandeya Winning over death, a sage
Mayank moon
Mayur peacock
Meghnad thunder
Meghadutt gift of clouds
Mehul rain
Mihir The sun, a sage
Milind Wanting an encounter, the bee which looks for an encounter with flowers
Mithun Small statue at entrance of temple, zodiac sign of gemini
Mitul of even temperament
Mohan charming, fascinating
Mohit infatuated
Mohin fascinating
Mukesh lord of liberation, another name for Shiva
Mukul bud
Mukunda One who liberates
Nachiketa fire
Nalin lotus, water lily
Namdev poet, saint
Nanak Without darkness, founder of sikhism
Nanda Joy, delight
Nandan Rejoicing, gladdening
Nandi The happy one
Narayana Vishnu, the son of the original man
Narendra lord of men
Narottam best among men
Narmad Pleasure giver
Natraj Lord of the cosmic dance, Shiva
Naveen new
Nayan eye
Neel blue
Neeraj To illuminate
Neelkanth A peacock, another name for Shiva
Nikhil complete, whole
Nikunj The abode of love
Nirad Water giver, cloud
Ninad gentle humming sound
Niranjan Pure, spotless, another name for Shiva
Nirmal clean, pure
Nirav without sound, still, quiet
Meghadutt gift of clouds
Nityanand eternally happy
Ojas Energy, power, a son of Krishna
Om Creation, essence of life, the sacred syllable which is the seed of all mantras
Omkaar The syllable Om
Ompati Master of Om
Omprakaash Light of Om
Padmaksh Lotus eyed
Padmin Lotus like
Pajas Firmness, vigour
Pankaj lotus flower
Para fulfilling
Paramahansa Supreme ascetic
Paramjeet highest success
Paras The philosopher’s stone
Paresh Name for Brahma
Parindra lion
Partha Son of the earth, prince
Pavan breeze
Pinak Shiva's bow
Piyush nectar
Prabhat dawn
Prabodh Awakening, consciousness
Prabodhan A buddha
Pradeep light, to blaze forth
Prahlad Delight, joy
Prajeet victorious
Prakash light
Pramod happiness
Pranav the sacred syllable Om
Pranay leader
Prasad offering to god during pooja
Pratap glory, majesty
Prateek symbol
Praveen Skilful, clever
Pravir chief
Prayag confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati
Prem love
Premanand Bliss of love
Pritam lover
Prithviraj king of the earth
Priyaranjan Good looking, loving
Puneet Pure, sacred
Pundarik white lotus
Purajit conqueror of fortresses
Purushottam best among men
Puskara blue lotus
Raja king
Rajan Belonging to a royal family
Rajanikant Beloved of the night, moon
Rajas The region between heaven and earth, a son of Vasistha
Rajkumar prince
Rajeev blue lotus
Rajeshvar lord of kings
Rakesh lord of the full moon, another name for Shiva
Ram Lord Rama, pleasing, charming
Raman beloved, charming, worthy of being loved
Ramanuja Younger brother of Lord Rama
Ranjan pleasing, charming
Ranjha lover
Ratnakar mine of jewels, ocean, a Buddha
Ravi sun
Ravindra Lord of the sun
Ravikiran Ray of the sun
Rishi sage
Rohit Red, the sun
Rochan Shining, radiant
Rupesh lord of form
Rupak sign, form
Rupin Having a beautiful form
Rutva Speech, intensity, a gandharva
Sagardatta Given by the ocean
Sagar ocean
Sadanand ever blissful
Samarjit victorious in war
Samir wind
Samrat Supreme ruler
Samudra sea
Sandeep Blazing, glowing
Sanjog coincidence
Shankara Shiva
Santosh satisfaction
Sarasvat Blessed by the Goddess Sarasvati
Sarang spotted deer, jewel, sandalwood
Satish Lord of Sati, another name for Shiva
Satyajit victory of truth
Satyamurty statue of truth
Satyavrat one who has taken a vow of truth
Satyendra Best among the truthful
Saurav Sweet sounding
Saurabh fragrant
Senajit victory over armies
Shailendra king of mountains, Himalaya
Shakunt blue jay
Shankar Shiva
Shailesh god of mountain, Himalaya
Shashee moon
Shashank moon
Shashikant moon stone
Shatrunjay one who overcomes enemies
Shiv Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
Shreyas superior
Shyam dark blue, black
Siddharth Name of Buddha
Sohan good looking
Sriram Lord Rama
Subodh Right intelligence
Subhash eloquent
Suchir eternal
Sudarshan Lovely in appearance
Sudeva truly Godly
Sudhasu Another name for the moon
Sudaman bountiful
Sudhir Very considerate, wise
Sudip Shining brightly
Sujit Great conqueror
Sukhdev lord of happiness
Sukumar Very tender, the wild champak flower
Suli Another name for Krishna, spear carrier
Sumit Balanced
Sumitra / Sumeet A good friend
Sundar beautiful
Sunil dark blue, colour of Krishna
Suresh Lord of the Gods
Surya sun
Suryakant loved by the sun, the sun stone
Swagat welcome
Swaraj liberty, freedom
Syena Eagle, falcon, hawk
Tapan sun, illuminating
Tapas Heat, meditation, penance, power
Tarun young
Tara Star
Taradatta Given by the stars
Tarang wave
Tej light, luster, glow
Tejas Fiery energy, spiritual and moral power
Tilak A mark on the forehead made either as an ornament, a blessing, a distinction or to bring concentration onto the third eye
Teerth holy place, stairs for descent into a river, sacred object
Tirthak sanctified
Trilochan Three eyed, another name for Shiva
Trilok the three worlds (heaven, earth, hell)
Trilokchandra The moon of the three worlds
Tulasidas devotee of Tulasi (sacred basil plant)
Uday ascending
Udeep Lighting up, illuminating
Udit Risen, ascended
Ujesh victorious
Umang desire
Unmesh Opening the eyes, blossoming of a flower
Upansu A prayer uttered in a low voice
Uttam Best, excellent, greatest
Utkarsh Prosperity, excellence
Utpal The blossom of the blue lotus
Vahin Shiva as one who carries the world
Vaidat Knowledgeable
Vaidhav Son of the moon
Vajramani diamond
Vallabh beloved, dear
Vandan Praise, worship
Varun lord of the waters, all enveloping sky
Vasant Bestower of desires
Vasav Indra
Vasu Light, radiance
Ved sacred knowledge
Veer Brave, wise, heroic
Vidu wise
Vidyachandra Moon of knowledge
Vihan Morning, dawn
Vijay victorious
Vikas Brightness, light
Vikram Strength, valour
Vikrant Courageous, bold
Vimal pure
Vinay Decency, modesty
Vinod pleasure
Vipul abundant
Viraj resplendent, splendid
Virochan illuminating
Virat Shining, brilliant
Vishal Large, spacious, mighty
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, all pervader
Vishvajit one who conquers the universe
Vishvakarma architect of the universe
Vishwas faith, trust
Vishvanath Lord of the universe
Vishwamitra friend of all
Vishvatma universal soul
Vivek True knowledge
Vyomesh lord of the sky

Yash victory, glory
Yashodhan rich in fame
Yashwant one who has achieved glory
Yashpal protector of fame
Yatin Ascetic, devotee
Yogesh lord of Yoga
Yudhajit victor in war
Yuvaraj Crown prince, young king